Cracking Med School Admissions eBook


Do you ever wish that you had a best friend in medical school who could walk you through the entire application process?
The Cracking Med School Admissions book is written by current, award-winning Stanford medical students who have mastered the application process inside and out. We study applications so we can best help YOU. We’ve successfully helped thousands of medical school applicants, including both science and non-science majors, post-bacs, MD/PhDs, and Rhodes Scholars. As a team, we’ve acquired hundreds of outside-the-box tips and strategies by working with individuals and crafting applications for Fulbright & Marshall Fellowships, competitive scholarships, graduate schools, and undergraduate programs.
Our book is in an easy-to-read Q&A format based on the most frequent and important questions pre-meds like yourself have asked us. See why we have sold 4000+ copies and many pre-meds call it the #1 medical school advising book.

We’ll answer your questions like:
· What should I do during my gap year before medical school?
· How should I fill out my AMCAS application?
· Who should I ask for my letters of recommendation and how can I receive superb ones?
· How can I ace my medical school interviews?
· What can I do to improve my chances at getting into medical school?

Plus, only in this book, you will receive:
· 50 PRIMARY AND SECONDARY essays from accepted students
· Profiles of other medical students and their extra-curricular activities
· Commonly asked medical school interview questions
· Examples for filling out your AMCAS, secondaries, and thank-you letters

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