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Rachel Rizal, MD

Rachel Rizal, M.D.

Changing the trajectory of people’s lives

Princeton University, cum laude

Medical School
Stanford School of Medicine

Awards & Scholarships
Fulbright Scholar
USA Today Academic First Team
Tylenol Scholarship

Rishi Mediratta, MD, MSc, MA

Rishi Mediratta, M.D., M.Sc., M.A.

Advising students to attend their dream schools

Johns Hopkins University, Phi Beta Kappa

Medical School
Stanford School of Medicine

Awards & Scholarships
Marshall Scholar
Tylenol Scholarship
Global Health Scholar

How We Can Help You Succeed

BS MD and College Application Packages

One-on-one advising
Common Application editing
School Supplemental essay editing
BS MD Applications & Interview preparation

Essay Editing

Need help with your overwhelming number of supplemental applications? We'll help you from brainstorming to perfecting your essays! Our detailed feedback is tailored so you will stand out for each university and scholarship.

Interview Preparation

We are interview gurus. Whether you have an upcoming MMI or traditional interview for colleges, BS MD programs, or competitive scholarships, we will thoroughly prepare you through mock interviews.

100% of our students said our mock interview preparation greatly improved their interview skills.

One-on-one Coaching and
Hourly Advising

It is never too early to start planning for college applications. If you are in junior high or in high school and need help strategizing your college application journey, chat with Dr. Rachel Rizal with hourly advising sessions.


There are TONS of college scholarships available to students. But, for many of them, you have to apply while you are in high school! We've helped students win state and national awards and scholarships.

Research & Summer Internship Applications

How do you start doing science research while you are still in high school? There are many university-sponsored high school research programs we can help you with. Or, you can contact individual professors at nearby universities. We've helped students win Intel Science Talent Search and other research awards.

Student Testimonials

How We've Changed Students' Lives

Dr. Rizal and Dr. Mediratta were my inspiration to become a physician. Through their mentorship, I created my own nutrition public health program in high school
Current public health major, UC Berkeley
I was initially planning to go straight from undergrad to medical school. However, after getting to know the BS MD Admissions coaches, I decided to take 2 gap years and pursue a Master's Degree in the UK. My life changed completely. I tell every pre-med and high school student to work with them.
Current Student, Harvard Medical School
With the BS MD Admissions help, I did really cool things in high school. My sophomore year of high school, I was part of a biotech Johns Hopkins engineering summer program. My junior year of high school, I was part UPenn Wharton's intensive business program for high schoolers.
Accepted to University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Rizal opened my eyes to the possibility of going to the Ivy Leagues. I grew up in a town full of immigrants. I was so excited to be accepted to Dartmouth!
Accepted to Dartmouth College

Why Cracking Med School Admissions?

Innovative Ideas

We take your current activities and make them  impactful to the world. By working with us, you will be unique from other applicants. 

Stellar Results

No other medical school admissions advisors consistently get students full-tuition acceptances to top medical schools and prestigious post-graduate scholarships. 

Approachable & Supportive

Whatever your communication style, we’re always here to promptly answer your questions and work with you step-by-step. 

The Best Mentors

We are lifetime mentors to our students. Your success is our success. 

Deep & Proven Expertise

Drs. Rizal and Mediratta have expertise in clinical medicine, public health, global health, public policy, and business. We can help you thrive in anything.

Personalized For You

There is no formula for crafting a perfect essay or application. We capitalize on your unique backgrounds & interests so you stand out from others.

Personalized Advice from Proven Medical School Admissions Authors

We actively engage with all types of pre-med students and give regular workshops at universities and high schools all over the US, including Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and more.

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